The last bit of each song is being chopped

Bit of techno talk here...

The first thing that comes to mind (having had the same experience before) is that it appears to be the result of internet security software.

  1. Are you using Norton firewall or internet security? It had a bug in it, up until the most recent version, which caused precisely that problem.
  2. If that's not the case, then I would ask that you clear your browser's cache once and try again.
  3. If, at that point the problem continues, you might try WINAMP (FREE) and see if the problem continues.

I'd like to work with you to figure it out, because it plays just fine on most computers (I try as frequently as I can to use someone else's computer to test things on the station). However if the bug is on your computer, conceivably it could be on many others as well.

Personally I use winamp and musicmatch to play mp3's, and resent real audio's intrusive "other" software that it sneaks onto your computer.

If you can't figure it out please get back to me.

An MP3 player comes on whenever you click on an MP3 file or an .M3U file. An MP3 is the actual music, an M3U is a playlist which knows which songs to play and where to load them to your player from.

IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE MP3 player on your computer, it uses the DEFAULT player.

Should WINAMP not play the playlist, your default player has not surrendered control to WINAMP.

WINAMP should take over control , but to configure it manually click the top left corner of the winamp player to get the menu, then select OPTIONS - PREFERENCES - and make sure it is set to play M3U files.

Then- and this is the part where you need to figure it out on your own-

Open the configuration of the MP3 or Media player that automatically starts up and plays MP3 music now, and somewhere you will find the settings (probably) that say something to the effect of: "ALWAYS RECLAIM FILETYPES" or "ALWAYS PLAY BLA BLA USING THIS PLAYER" and turn that feature off.

At that point your new-in this case WINAMP- player should REMAIN the default player. You can test this easily by using windows explorer and double clicking on any MP3 file on your hard disk, OR.... try