It's almost two in the morning and I'm streaming music from an Internet radio station in Antarctica while flipping through NASA GIFs of Europa and Pluto from the mild discomfort of a cold bedroom office in Minneapolis. This planet is really cool.
Thanks for the great music. I found your site when I was reading La Prensa Libre, a newspaper from Costa Rica. You will be one of my favorites. Excellent reception
Hi- I love your station. The music's so good it gives me chills.
Just wanted you to know that you are coming in loud and clear here in Adelaide, South Australia. Love the music - keep it up
turned into station a few weeks ago at friends place and again tonight best blues for a long time
Our whole office is becoming converts to your great sounds. Thank you from San Diego, California
Are you guys really webcasting from Antarctica?
I am writing from Birmingham Al.. I enjoy your station thoroughly. Thanks for being there...i've enclosed a jacket to keep you warm.. good luck .. thanks..
io so parlare un poco di italiano comunque ciao a tutti gli abitanti dell'antartico un saluto ciao ciao ciao , arivederci ciao da mauro
Today's my first time as a listener. GREAT STUFF. Keep up the good work down under. I'll be listening more often, that's for sure.
I am bummed. Your station by far and away is the best thing I have ever heard off the net. The problem is that I can't listen to streaming audio here at work 'cause they delete it at the firewall.
My Mac says it is 2:30, Mountain Standard Time. And yes I know, I should be in bed but the cats woke me up;I'll pay for this late night excursion around 13:00. Question, who are you playing. I just heard a nice acoustic cut, preceded by a nice bluesie ballad. Now I have a great acoustic version of 16 Tons. Who is this? Next question. Are you really so far south that you head north whereever you go?
One of the most worthwhile links that you have here is the "PIGDOG" Journal. It's the most honest and refreshing things ever posted on the a fresh breeze through an outhouse. I'll vote for "fresh" for pres. anytime. Thanks for featuring PIGDOG here.
I just have to say quickly - you're the best site I've come across in a long time!!
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed visiting your website. The links were terrific and the music was delightful. I'll be back again and will definitely tell my cyberbuddies about your site. Thanks again
Always listen to you before goin' to bed these days. Lost my sweetheart Ben about two years ago to hiv disease. He played all sorts of guitars and would love to have heard your playlist. Who knows, may be he's out there listening now!
Just thought I drop you all a line, just to tell you all, that I just adore this site. Of course the music is totally wonderful too.. I am 68. LOl... yep...I am...
Greetings from the other side of the world. Listening in Juneau, Alaska and just wanted to say your tunes and site are great, thanks!
Thanks for your wonderful music which. It is very much appreciated by all the friends to whom I have transmitted your station address. Thanks again for these moments of pure happiness you give to us André from France.
Hello you all. I have just discovered your Internet radio station and think it is fantastic. The music you offer is wonderful. So many of the other Internet radio stations are the same ole, same ole. Yours is very different and therefore much more interesting. Good work! I like the concept. It fits your format. Your station belongs on its own continent.
It's not only loaded, it's FULL OF HIDDEN SURPRISES!!! Watch out!!! It's another HIDDEN SURPRISE!!! OOOOOooo I don't know if I can take............AAAhhhhhh look out!!!!! it's a HIDDEN SURPRISE..... Oh , The humanity of it all, Ladies and gentlemen, I don't know if this reporter can continue with this horrible OH MY GOD...A HIDDEN SURPRISE... Honey, git my gun!! It's all I can do to save us from aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! the HIDDEN SURPRISE..... its' got me... I'm a goner Save yerself and the kids.Arrrrrrrrgh little Timmy just fell victim to THE HIDDEN SURPRISE> The planet is doomed unless the scientists can find some way of stopping ..........THE HIDDEN SURPRISE!!!!!!!!
You are the best Internet radio station world wide.
Outstanding music. Great sound. They play nothing like this in the Portland, Oregon area. Sure glad there are sites like yours that enable us to listen to great artists and great songs.
Wow! Blundered in here through some radio links. Great music, great sound quality, totally unique. You should be the "Cool Site of the Day' everyday!
Thanks for this. We're establishing the Eli Whitney Folk Revival in New Haven to do folk festivals and concerts throughout the year for Yale and New Haven community members. It's great to know we are part of a worldwide phenomenon!
Working on a project up here, and the stress due to a very limited timeframe has me banging away at the computer keyboard twelve, fourteen hours at a stretch. I keep fantasizing about getting away. But where? There's shoving and backbiting everywhere. So I thought I can't get any further away than Antarctica. Great to have found you on the Internet. The music immediately transports and the work I'm doing once again isn't entirely a masochistic enterprise. Thanks for the mellow sounds.
I love the wonderful music you play on the web. It is so soothing. I listen to you all the time. When I play your station, it comes in to my real player on clips and the button moves along as the music plays. I can also change the songs currently playing to another clip. All the other web stations that I have found do not do it that way. You just get whatever they are playing. What is the difference and why don't the other stations do it as you do. I do not understand ! I think your format is better. I do not understand why all the other web stations do it differently.
Just a quick note to tell you guys down in the sub-Antarctic that I love your music way up here in the sub-arctic!!!!
Sitting here enjoying music of surprising quality and just thought I'd say thank you for making it available. It sounds like the artist is playing in the next room.
I loved visiting your site and listening to your music. Great stuff I've always wanted to visit the Antarctic. Now I have.
We are receiving you loud and stereophonic. Thank you!!!
I only want to sent greetings from the Netherlands. We can hear you here in fine stereo Keep on going!!!
Hi..... this would have to be the best station that I have ever listened to.....  THE BEST EVER.... keep up what has to be breath of fresh arctic air over this overheated world...LOVE
just found your site,really like different,wish best luck
I thought my weather here in Vancouver BC was I don't feel to bad.
I've been listening to your station for the first (definitely not the last!!) time IT!S GREAT!! keep up the good work and the fantastic music
Applause for your incredible site. Great Appearance - Great links - Great Music!
What an awesome web site you have.. The tunes are great. I'm glad to have have you guys down there..
I think your site is very fascinating --as soon as I found it I e-mailed my brother --so he could check it out --once again I've gone some place --without leaving my living room --i don't live this way every day --but it nice to have the option-
I love to listen to your music when I am working on my PC.. it is the best selection in the WORLD...
  I just wanted to tell you much I love your web site! There has always been a serious shortage of forums for fingerstyle players to get "heard", and what your doing is just a great way to solve this problem. Keep up the great work! I listen in every chance I get. I've added a link to your site from mine "Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar" :
Just wanted to say "Hi" and let you know you play some great old tunes! I was just surfing around the web and found your site through the Windows 2000 site.
Excellent "nice music" from the cold silence
Hello from Michigan. I just wanted to let you know that I love listening to your station while I'm playing on the net. I'm still amazed that I'm connected to Antarctica. Keep up the great music!
that's really cool sound on your web radio. Congratulations from Europe (Munich)
somewhat great idea sending from the south pole.And quite great music! Best wishes to you and our mother earth
Great Blues. Hi from Ken and Jasmin in Sarajevo.
Howdy Down Under..I've been listening to your live radio. It's real good sound up in NZ.
Listening to you on RealAudio, up here in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada. Love your music... totally awesome. Well, we're getting Spring so it's your guys' turn for winter (I pity you). Keep on playing the blues. As they'd say in Melbourne, you've got a bonzo great station there, mate!
Guys, I love the station.  We even got you mentioned on the US TV network ZDTV by having your station in our EarthTuner software.
What a delightful surprise it was to discover your site for the first time! You really brightened up a dull and dark Dartmoor night, (though I doubt it is anywhere near as cold as you guys have it right now)
Your audio is impeccable on my little SC ISP 20ms from MAE-East. Thank you!
Thank you so very much for the e-mail on your wonderful sounds. I have become so very interested in your site.} Are you isolated? How cold is it there? I live on an island in Puget Sound outside of Seattle, Washington USA.
I love your site & have added a link to it from my webpage - the first page, your logo. I hope that's okay! My webpage URL is:
You are a very brave group of people.To live there for the sake of science that informs us all. I have spent some time in the laurentian mountains in Quebec, but where you are is unbelievable. Best of luck.
We were on the web last evening and heard the greatest music - we have heard in a long time from your station. Happiness ruled our home. Today I went back with happiness in my heart I am just overwhelmed by your site- Thank you in advance.
It's so amazing to get music sent from Antarctic area and other info. Thank you four nice service. I`m accessing from Japan.
I am Russian, Moscow University, doing some research here in France. Thank you very much indeed for your nice music. I really enjoy it while working at my computer , as well as all our French staff around.
Well, look on the bright side: there probably aren't any mosquitoes there. Thanks for the A-Station website.
Many thanks for your excellent taste in music. I truly envy you - I have never been South of the equator. If you ever need an Osteopath remember there is one in Northern Ireland who would love to see the Antarctic.
Surfed in to the station 2 days ago and stayed there love the music.keep it up I love it... in Oklahoma City the only radio is commercial and its all advertising no album stuff and certainly no real music .......Thanks again
Just wanted you to know that I am really enjoying your radio station at work. Thank you!
The music sounds Great! The only other station I have found that sends music over the Internet and 20kbs and STEREO is Seattle King FM, and you are up with them! I am in Melbourne, Australia, - seems we are especially close and dear to our guys in Antarctica - loved the images as well, and will check out the rest of the pages.
'ello from way up 'ere in Arkansas! Last time I heard from Antarctica it was KC4USN on short-wave. They didn't play music. You do. Good!
What a wonderful surprise finding your radio station. The idea of you guys in that freezing environment listening to blues and doing whatever else it is you are doing is something that will fascinate me all day. Have a great one.
I can't believe the quality and selection of your programming, I feel like I've died and gone to heaven where the radio only needs one station, the best!
Great station...listen to it those pics too! Keep up the fine work.
I really like the the music you play I find it highly enjoyable.because I love roots music which this station plays especially the blues and bluegrass music.Keep up the good work,because this station is doing a great job.
Thanks, just for being there ! I never thought I could be so in love, or this blue.... she only wore the ring for two weeks. Now she won't even talk to me. I still can't believe this...! How cold can somebody be? "A" Net Station cheered me up. I think it was because it reminded me that real happiness comes from within. I'm listening to the tunes as I type, wondering what it might be like to be holed up "at the end of the earth" with you folks. If you can be content in spite of the cold, so can I. Thank-you again. Take care.
Coming in loud and clear up hear in Vancouver, Canada. Have a good day - very interesting.
You've blown me away! I can't believe I am listening to CRYSTAL CLEAR live stereo radio from some place called the ROSS ICE SHELF! You are coming much clearer than many local stations - I live about 120 km south of Seattle. I like the blues songs you have on. Very nice. I am also very attracted to the noncommercial aspect of your site. Cheers to you! The net is fast becoming a very crass place because of greed.
I love it. Cool sounds. I listen to you guys everyday. So peaceful and what a great way to work!!
Hello, greetings from Europe, Germany to 90'South! It is very fascinating in my mind to visit you on SOUTH POLE station and hear nice music on the A-Net.
Sound real good from here! I'm in devine Texas land of mesquites and dead beats! yall had any rain lately?
I am just discovering real audio sites and came across yours! Hello From Denver Colorado! I hope you're all doing well down there! How's the tourism industry? Isn't it quite difficult to get there?
Today was my first day having an "eargasm" tuned "in" to the music (some good, some bad) from MIT's music of the Internet. I must say after 12+ hrs. are the peak of my day. Your links are also incredible!  Thank-you.
Great sound! No net congestion. Very clear.
Wow, I've been around the Internet a long time, and this is one of the most interesting things I've found. p.s. GREAT Realaudio encoding!! some of the best I've heard---
How nice it is to live in a hot place like Florida and  hear cool music from "Down South". You are a regular fixture on my Real Radio listening venue. Keep Up the good sounds
I really like your site. The musics great and I've discovered some new artist. Thanks
Absolutely super superb!!! I love it. It is very educational and I intend to get my granddaughter on it as soon as possible. Your music is very peaceful and allows the viewer to enjoy your site while browsing around and looking at all the neat stuff you have to show.
I like the music that you all are playing down there.  I did a classic blues show at my college radio station, and such music is hard to find.  Keep up the good work, and stay out of the cold.
It is great to surf !
I finally found you!   Sounds good!  Very relaxing.
I'm busy listening to the vibes whilst reading about sea shepherd and Paul Watson. I think its a canny site and thank you 4 drawing attention to it...
I really enjoy your station. Thanks.