Wednesday, July 1, 2009


This moment is the beginning

In our own inimitable, personalized and characteristic way we maneuver ourselves from day to day, adventure to adventure, struggle to struggle, leaving "nothing to chance".

At times insecure, seeking. At other times strong and generating-radiating-contributing immeasurably.

Yet (non-conformist nature which most of us clearly possess) many strengths quickly subside in the course of measuring ourselves against contrasting surroundings.

Therein lies the struggle for sanity and control; are we to be crazy by our own standards or by someone else’s?

Emotions are Creatures of the Jungle. Panic and they devour.

Observe, experience and reach out as necessary with gentle hand or deadly force. The Jungle can be a warm and reassuring home, comforting in time of need, keeping us alert and active.

Remember: Sometimes, when it’s least expected, we get a little help, a little extra, a surprise that makes us give thanks, makes everything magical.


There is no crime (just your dissimilation)

At the outset of our lives we aspire to succeed at doing various things, such as holding a spoon, walking, talking, reading etc. Success with these undertakings is generally achieved, and they are non-competitive.

As the things we aspire to succeed at achieving evolve to include social intercourse they become competitive. There are groups, where-in success in socially interacting results in acceptance, position or status, and failure to successfully interact with the social dynamics of the group results in rejection or classification as an "outsider".

All the people in the world form a group commonly referred to by the group as the human race, or "humanity". The people in the human race break down into a variety of sub-groups. Nations, races, tribes, fishermen, soldiers, businessmen, students, babies, children, women, men, honest, dishonest, educated, rich, poor, etc. Some groups are formally delineated either by themselves or by outsiders, and some are not

The human race (a biological group) has never proclaimed any unified standard of acceptance, perhaps because there is no choice in whether one can join or be rejected. One simply is born a member of the group. Other biological groups are the same. Other groups based on objective factors such as craft and skill are similar. One may be an excellent fisherman, or a poor one, or primitive, or stupid, or clever but a fisherman is a fisherman.

An accepted member of a society and a rejected member of a society are assigned their position through being subjected to a subjective "filtering" process set by the group. To obtain a status ranking within the group one must qualify. Qualification is based on things the group values such as education, experience, background, influence, affluence, intelligence, ability to follow rules, etc. This filter allows for the illusion of a clearly (and therefore fairly) delineated methodology one need simply follow to "earn" status within the group. The rules are set by leaders of the group and evolve as leaders come and go. Thus those with lower status may exercise some control over their position through cultivating certain skills or other resources they can provide to the group, and by continuing to follow the rules. Those who fail to follow the rules are generally rejected by the group, as are those who lack the ability to contribute resources to the group.

Contemporary law is the most pretentious of these filters. While proclaiming to provide a fair and objective set of standards to protect people from harm, contemporary law clearly harms many people who pose no threat. The justification is couched in varied subjective philosophies. The definition of harm is spelled out and applied by those with status to protect their status. The resulting action deprives others of status. Thus power within a group is assimilated, and power of those who do not aspire to the philosophies of the group is dissimilated.


As I slip quietly out of reach

of past moments explored only in my mind, my eyes, my senses,

my lack of animation/participation casts long shadows…

I am burning. My hand takes pen,

my forces drip through words on paper, so inadequate a medium to share;

“Can words remove, can words erase,

What words have said and leave no trace?”


I hesitate and question

Then make a move and step too far….

I’m on fire, I’m on fire

Return to the beginning and back to here and now

yet nothing’s changed

I’ve not done a thing outside my mind but time has passed, life used…

A gentle whisper in the night eludes me

but pen answers,

says “Go on,

you’ve only just started

and must go on…”





Sighing a whisper on a breath of air a snowflake flutters through the dry cold air and settles on the blanket of white that in this time and space has become the earth; in an instance all is one


and then another snowflake is seen fluttering through my mind…


It is winter in California and the rain pours steadily outside my window

a trickle leaks through the corner and forms a pool on the sill

it threatens to touch my elbow….


Mystery eludes me as fact

fact as dream

so I touch the stars with dreams and laugh

at being mystery…..


Gentleness and depth of meaning often seem so insignificant measured against the intense and dramatic. The impact of the moment dominates, temporarily.


Kick an empty can in a silent alley at night

Skip a rock on a mirror-smooth lake

Remember the sound of the rain

Take a trip, get away, can you do it?


Rare moments seldom recurring, the mountains in dreams seldom attained at will,

Something firm which we hold though the sea wash away all else.


Trailblazer! Flashing sword in hand!

Unruly wild thing below the surface

of the calm collective mind…





Life divided, little cubes of time

the compensation money to buy a little more

of life or time

the choice is mine…


Then just when there’s enough

the ratio changes…

once again in need of little cubes of time

to live…


Can’t you see

Can’t you see

Understand to be free,

A helping hand is fine

but also give a helping mind

a piece of time

see what it’s worth

our peace of mind…





Echoes of the past we live with, not always real

yet not imagined

Echoes we should hear as guiding, life-force rhythms;

What is it that we fear?


Return from a journey that now will never end

it seems…


It seems like yesterday

it’s not and yet

it’s all not really clear…

I wonder will it ever be?

What creature is devouring me?


No sooner do I near completion than there appears another need….

The simple life these current times seems becoming obsolete

The simple mind just short of overloaded….



Adapt or be extinct.

Isn’t that a strange thought…






Is forgetting inevitable?


Finding a space to enter, settle down in, prior to contemplating forgetting.


This biometaphysical semi-pseudo-intellectual gobbeldy-voo-doo logica-info-trap.


Recall, that event which reflexively stimulates the senses... The brain believes it pursues an objective path while the spirit paints a portrait of it floating through space. Sweet recall which takes me ever more clearly, again, through where I've previously already been some other time before


If I can't recall, have I forgotten? Should I have been able to remember?

So much is starkly-clearly-tangibly real and in focus, so much spills out of my grasp...




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